• Niesiemy pomoc ofiarom księży pedofilów

    zapewniamy telefon zaufania, pomoc prawną, psychologiczną i grupę wsparcia
  • Żądamy ukarania sprawców

    i odsunięcia ich od pracy z dziećmi
  • To nie Twoja wina

    całkowitą winę ponoszą sprawcy i osoby, które ich ukrywają
  • Walczymy z przyczynami pedofilii

    edukujemy i podejmujemy działania prewencyjne
  • Walczymy o odszkodowania dla ofiar księży

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Temporary address as well as correspondence address
Nowowiejska 33 str.
62-020 Swarzędz
Wielkopolskie Province

e-mail: info@nielekajciesie.org.pl
skypeFundacja Nie lękajcie się

telephone +48 539 680 125

Bank account data:





IBAN PL95 2030 0045 1110 0000 0396 6180


"Darowizna na cele statutowe "



The word of introduction...


The thought of creating the foundation ‘Nie lękajcie się’ - ‘Do not be afraid’ appeared during the first meeting of the victims of the pedophile priests in Poland. Back then we understood that we are not powerful enough for our cry for justice to be heard. We also understood that we want the foundation to be our voice.

The participation in the SNAP – World Conference in Ireland in 2013 as well as support and understanding that we experienced there strengthened our determination to set up the foundation. We found the common aim, we got united by one thought. We want to set free from the fear of the perpetrators as well as the public opinion.

It was not us who harmed others, it was us who were harmed.


It is not your fault !

Remember that you are the victim of the crime. Remember that it was you who were sexually abused. It is the priest, the monk or any other church worker that is to blame for it.

The aims of the foundation:

  • leading the victims out from the shadow
  • special phone helpline and mailing
  • making a documented record of the amount of the victims of pedophile priests
  • creating an independent commission
  • psychological assistance for the victims of pedophile priests , creating special support groups
  • legal help for the victims and their families
  • help in the process of canonization
  • official apology for each and every of the victims
  • legal changes concerning expiration of the pedophile crimes , more severe verdicts for the perpetrators
  • compensation
  • forbidding the guilty ones the work with children and removing them from the priesthood