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Temporary address as well as correspondence address
 Św Marcin 28/28 street
61-801 Poznan
Wielkopolskie Province

e-mail: info@nielekajciesie.org.pl

telephone +48 512 054 916

Bank account data:



IBAN PL95 2030 0045 1110 0000 0396 6180 

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"Po wypowiedzi abp. Michalika poczułem się powtórnie zgwałcony" - członkowie "Nie lękajcie się" pokazują twarze

Wiktoria Beczek
30.10.2013 , aktualizacja: 30.10.2013 19:08
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Marek Lisiński i Marek Mielewczyk, współzałożyciele Fundacji

Marek Lisiński and Marek Mielewczyk – the co-founders of “Nie lękajcie się “ Foundation ( photo by Karolina Głowacka/TOK FM)

Even if a child was walking naked all over the vicarage, this man has no right to touch this child. The instructions from Vatican are clear, there seems to be as if an asterisk there saying “ not applicable to Poland” – told TOK FM one of the cofounders of “Nie lękajce się “.

Last Saturday- soon after the final registration procedure -the conference of the foundation “Nie lękajcie się “ took place . Marek Mielewczyk and Marek Lisiński who had previously been known to the media by their names only , finally showed their faces and officially opened the foundation helping the victims of priests sexual abuse.

The underlying aim of the organization if the unifying of the victims of priests as well as helping them come out form the shadow. Another aim is the opening of the telephone helplines and psychological assistance. Marek Mielwczyk stresses that they will officially ask Catholic Church to reveal the statistics so that to know big the scale of the crime is. “ We will appeal for the truth “ – adds Lisiński.

We set in motion the process that is just starting. There will be many more victims to come – says Mielewczyk. Isn’t the coming out the same as coming though the trauma once again ? We want to show by our example that it is better to talk about it, otherwise you cannot fully function in everyday life. Things that are unsettled cause that the man may collapse. Openly, with our head high we say “ Do not be afraid” – says the guest of “Post Factum” broadcast.

The church has a moral obligation to report the cases of sexual abuse”
Mielewczyk stresses that it is a long and painful process for the victim to start talking about it. My first try to tell what really happened took place after my first suicidal attempt. The doctor sent an official document to the bishop telling what happened. The reply she received, however, was that the bishop is aware of the priest’s inclinations and shall the activity reappear, he will be removed from the priesthood. Nothing like that happened, though, and the Prosecutor’s office- soon after submitting the documents to the case file- stated, that the matter should be left as it is because nobody in Poland had a fair verdict pronounced as far as priests are concerned.

The Foundation postulates for the entire waiver of the expiration of the crime of sexual abuse performed on children. Mielewczyk says- all that happened to me when I was 12 but I didn’t tell the doctor until I was 18. It was too hard for me then to fight for my rights.

Nobody is beyond the law. Since we live on the territory of Poland, let’s respect this law. A lot of pedophile priests get the suspended sentence and they return to their parish. The church cannot interpret the law according to its wishes – says Lisiński and adds – abuse is abuse and the Church has the moral duty to report it.

The children of a lesser God
According to Lisiński the foundation is going to have a lot of work, including the media cooperation. We shall be sending the data and testimonies of the victims to the media. There was a wall of silence in the west as well- Lisiński says- but it all burst at one moment. The perpetrators are still being talked about. Nobody, however, mentions us. What is happening with the children who were once abused ? They have to live though that trauma till the end of their lives. There are also utterances like the one of the bishop Michalik, according to which it was us who prompted that. On hearing that I felt as if I was raped again, humiliated and guttered. The dignity of our& family has been infringed- adds Mielewczyk.

Even if a child was walking naked all over the vicarage, this man has no right to touch this child. It is only an innocent child that does not know the word “harassment”. This is why early education concerning this subject is indispensable. Lisiński adds that hearing the opinions like the one of the bishop Michalik he feels like a child of a lesser God.

Where is the difference between the victim of the pedophile priests in Holland, the USA and in Poland ? The instructions from Vatican are clear, there seems to be as if an asterisk there saying “ not applicable to Poland” .We can observe some processes going on in Austria and in Germany. In Poland the situation is reverse – they want to humiliate us, appealing to the people going to church that it is only an attack on the church.
We are no opponents to the Church or its believers. All we demand is justice. The foundation came into existence to help the victims, not as it is implied – to attack the church. Not the church is an enemy. The enemies are the pedophile priests and those who cover for them – stressed Marek Lisiński.