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Reports and Documents

Reports and Documents

Important documents, reports and databases.

I. Reports, Studies and Analyses

1.       The Reports of the “Don’t Be Afraid” Foundation (under construction)

So far we have verified more than 50 accounts of the priests’ victims and we are in the course of compiling and classifying them. Meanwhile, we invite you to read a book published in 2013 in which you will find the newest statistics on pedophilia in the Polish Catholic Church: Do be afraid (Polish title: Lękajcie się) by Ekke Overbeek.

2.       The Reports of the Polish Church, the Children Protection Centre’s website (as for the 2nd of July 2014) presents no files.

3.       UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Report from Ferbruary 2014:

Translated into Polish on Jason Happy Pole’s blog

The original text

Tadeusz Bartos’s commentary

4.       UN Report against Torture from May 2014

Victory in Geneva – the commentary to this report by Sue Cox (the UK) from Survivors Voice Europe, an organisation helping the victims of sexual abuse by clergy.

5.       Individual countries’ reports whereof the common denominator is the problem of hiding paedophiles by bishops:

a)      Ireland – Ryan Report together with 3 other government reports

b)      Germany – gathering information in progress

c)       Poland – no official data available

d)      USA – John Jay Report

e)      The Netherlands – Deetman’s Report

An article regarding the above report and castration as a form of punishment for boys who reported on paedophile priests

f)       Belgium – Adriaenssens Report


II. Databases

1.       Documented cases of child sexual abuse or molestation in the Catholic Church around the world

AreYourChildrenProtected.org  – a global database

http://www.areyourchildrenprotected.org/ – the first source of information on crimes in the Catholic Church around the world

2.       Other databases containing information about crimes in the Catholic Church around the world: http://bishopaccountability.org/


III. Guidelines of the Catholic Church for dealing with child sexual molestation

1.       Crimen sollicitationis imposing complete silence under a threat of excommunication, its content valid to 2001 available in Polish on racjonalista.pl

2.       New Vatican guidelines, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, addressed to the episcopates of the individual countries (in Polish)


Guidelines of the Polish Catholic Church – we are aware of the fact that they have been produced and that the Polish Catholic Church is currently making her final amendments to them.