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The history of the six

The history of the six, who have dared to after years of talk and throw it out ...


Everything happened in Brzesko, in the years 1981-1990 at the time of the working of ministry priest - guardian lecturers. At that time, the parish church. St. James was rich in the altar and lecturers. In that time lecturers .were approx about 100 boys to every small town . As a small town  it was a large number. This can be verified among both: former lecturers, their parents as well as in the Book of Lectors which at that time, was conducted.

Today no one remembers the exact date when it all began. In principle, everybody has its "own"  date when the first time was "tested". Checking the abdominal muscles remember everyone today. What does it mean...what someone who tested you wanted to achieve ? -today it is difficult to verify. This was a subject quite noisy in classrooms where lecturers attended. He was the subject of ridicule and vulgar jokes, but in those days nobody dared to report to the prosecution, the person the clergy allowed offenses. He would still be judged from the faith and worship! How many guys have "tested" abdominal muscles? It's hard to say, but many people confirms the "test”.

For some, it did not end up on the study. They were invited to the rectory to his room. There occurred a situation that we now call "sexual abuse". Some after this meeting on its own initiative have not returned to lectureship - their career at the altar ended immediately. How is it possible to serve both God and assist at Mass the person who puts his hand deep into their pants ?! For what? What he was looking there for ? 

Life of a young man with such (or stronger) experience never will be normal. To this day, we remember this corner room rectory, which consisted of small hall. We remember the characteristic closing archer in the door input, remember the arrangement of furniture, especially the sofa. We remember the sweets, which he was giving to us. Many things we remember ... 

The first information on the above topic were transferred in mid-2014, then the newly appointed Polish Primate - Mr Wojciech Pole. How can guess reaction was one: it is not his business, it is a matter of Bishop of Tarnów. After informing the Bishop of Tarnów Andrzej Jez he commissioned questioning of victims. Then dared to tell only 6 people. The others, who can in this case to say something, for various reasons did not want to disclose. They confirmed the information, but personal considerations ordered them to silence. The bishop Tarnowski after hearings took quick but little restrictive steps: the perpetrator officially at their own request, left his previous, known in Poland parish. Bishop sent a letter to the Vatican, by the hands of Nuncio Apostolic in Poland, Mr. Celestino Migliore. Then he delivered the letter to the Vatican. After some time he brought the answer to which many people from the surrounding perpetrators waited -time bar. Barred for the offender, and whether in our hearts, in our lives, too is expired? Can it be erased, break and forget? Expired  can be for those who had nothing to do with it! 

To this day, none of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Poland is not wanted in this case talk. By Father lawyer we received testimony and closed the door to further discussion. 18 August 2015 telephone-to one of the victims priest Chancellor of Curia Tarnowska Mr. Robert Kantor reported that Bishop Tarnowski, among others, deprived perpetrator miter in the diocese of Tarnow and restricted meeting with the youth. The perpetrator because of  health reasons resides in the House of Retired Priests. Our request to those imposed by the Bishop of "restrictions" have been handed down to us in writing, was not answered. Our request to, among others, completely deprive the perpetrator of the dignity of Prelate also still not was completed. Why? Because only the Pope Francis may receive this honor. Why Pope Francis does not know about whole situation ? Because there are people who practice such things simply block. We feel bitter, spat at and battered this development. None of Church authorities do not want to help us, do not want in any way to make amends, and even a little relieve our memories associated with it. Disposal of silence, dragging matters lack of contact and unwillingness to engage in dialogue is "normal" operation of the Catholic Church in Poland. As victims who dared to say it out loud, as well as those who have are fighting in themself with silence on this issue - we will not rest peacefully until the perpetrator is will be punished.ć nowej podstrony.