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Międzynarodowa Konferencja na Rzecz Przeciwdziałania Pedofilii w Kościele „Przerwać Milczenie”, Warszawaw dniach 17-18listopada

The Foundation "Have no fear", “The Political Critique" network and the Kazimierz Łyszczyński Foundation are pleased to invite you to the International Conference for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in the Church "Break the silence". The event will take place in Warsaw on 17-19 November 2017 at the Lowicka Center. It is a continuation of earlier meetings and discussions, but also a beginning of the first year-round campaign for defense of the victims of pedophilia in the Catholic Church in Poland and in the world.  The campaign will be held under the slogan "Stand on my side!".
Practice of sexual abuse of children in the Church is nourished by impunity of perpetrators who are protected by conspiracy of silence of the clergy, lawyers, media and general public, including families of the victims. Children are often unable to bear the burden of harm, and the survivors are suffering from for years. That is why we need to break the silence and no longer let those who know to give permission for the tragedy of the victims in the name of protecting the Church.
We welcome to our Conference all those to whom the protection of children matters. We will host the Polish and foreign experts in psychology, sociology, law and the media, representatives of non-governmental organizations as well as those who are directly concerned: the survivors of pedophilia. We hope that this conference will become a platform for sharing ideas on prevention of pedophilia in the Church and for elaborating standards of legal protection of the victims and of psychological support for them. We also want to launch an information campaign aiming at convincing general public to stand up for victims, not for offenders.


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